EBH Namibia - Your Preferred World Class Shipyard Solution
  EBH Namibia’s competitive advantages are formidable, ranging from instant market penetration to the elimination of potential competitors through steady growth. The acquisition and the consequent shareholding of shares by EBH Consortium will ensure EBH Namibia’s sustainable growth and add greater value for the company and its shareholders.

EBH Namibia has gained access to a new pool of resources which will add value to our company as well as maximising the realisation of opportunities for further expansion. The value proposition that EBH Namibia offers our customers is well aligned with the customer focused culture that our main stakeholders cultivate & drive. By investing in research and development, innovation and skills, as well as utilising its strategic alliances, EBH Namibia aims to strengthen its position as the ship repair company of choice on Africa’s west coast and enhance its international competitiveness.
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